Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Vacay alert! Top 5 nearby international travel destinations to beat the heat this summer

Vacay alert! Top 5 nearby international travel destinations to beat the heat this summer

Travelling is no more a hobby now, but an integral part of our life. It helps energise an individual by busting the stress of a busy and stressful life that people are living in these days. But due to our busy schedule, we do not have enough time to plan long holidays, especially if it is an international holiday trip. However, there are several destinations that are perfect for a short one-week getaway that one can think of spending with its near and dear ones.

Asked about the top five global tours and travel destination that one can think of this summer for a mini-holiday adventure Milind Bhide, Founder & MD at Countryside Adventure Holidays said, “Indian subcontinent has some destinations that one can think of this summer.” He said that Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar and if someone wants to travel the Middle East then Oman can be a better international travel destination for mini-travel adventure.

1] Sri Lanka

Beaches, history, culture, wildlife, adventure – you name it and it is there. Sri Lanka tops in quick getaways list due to its proximity to India and the vast choice of activities for international travellers. Sri Lanka is rich in heritage. A lot of ancient cities, temples, caves abound. World-renowned UNESCO sites, beautiful forests and a stunning variety of flora and fauna all jostle for space.

2] Indonesia

One of the largest archipelagoes in the world is the go-to destination for Indian travellers. It is preferred by most people when it comes to planning a short international trip. The island is home to verdant jungles and pristine beaches. From exploring the ancient temples to hiking in active volcanoes to diving in crystal clear waters, Indonesia offers an adventure for everyone. One can wander the streets of Jakarta, enjoy the beaches of Bali, visit the ancient temples of Borobudur, snorkel in the untouched beaches of the Gilli Islands, witness the boat-shaped houses of Tana Torja and lose oneself amidst the natural beauty.

3] Nepal 

Nepal is a mountain lover’s dream come true. It has myriad options for trekking and hiking for all levels. Nepal is also home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, which sees hordes of trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts during the climbing seasons. With eight of the world’s fourteen highest peaks in Nepal, this is a must-visit. It abounds in wildlife as well – Chitwan, Pokhara and Bardiya National Parks are popular tourist destinations for a jungle experience. For a taste of the Nepali culture, the capital Kathmandu and Bhaktapur and Patan are good choices.

4] Myanmar

A landscape filled with miles of ancient temples and a distinctly traditional touch to all aspects, Myanmar is a fast-emerging destination for offbeat travel. Abounding in Buddhist religious monuments and architecture, this is a must visit on the list of every traveller wanting to explore something off the beaten path. Traveller going there can enjoy a hot-air balloon ride for stupendous views of the temple complex. Inle Lake, a freshwater lake, is a biodiversity hotspot. The scenic beauty of the country and rich cultural heritage have helped raise Myanmar as the go-to destination for tourists.

5] Oman

Oman is home to deserts, rugged mountains, serene beaches and wadis. The landscape offers some exciting opportunities for adventure. The sultanate has an abundance of hidden treasures– from the grand forts, exquisite palaces and mystical souqs (markets) to the undulating dunes, mountains, fresh water wadis & miles upon miles of unspoiled sandy beaches. The port city of Salalah, tucked in a small bay, offers opportunities for diving. Canyoning in the Snake Canyon is also an experience in itself. Oman’s low-rise tows retain their traditional charms. Bedouin values are at the heart of an Omani welcome.

Hence, tour and travel enthusiasts with little time in their hand can think of choosing any of the above and beat the heat this summer.